Secrecy & Policy


The website is run by the company Search Engine Marketing Sweden AB is located in Sollentuna, Sweden. The company’s address is: Skolvägen 8, 192 70 Sollentuna, Sweden.

Are we collecting information from our visitors?

We collect information through a form when visitors decide to write a review about a store. We do this to ensure that the visitor is using his real identity and that the submitted information is truthful. Only a name and an e-mailadress, except the review, are required of the visitors submitting a review. We also use cookies on some of our websites to register your earlier visits, see Cookies for more information.

When are we collecting information about our visitors?

Only when a visitor decides to write a review about a store available on one of the websites. This is the only time information is collected via the form. Cookies collect information during events on the website, see Cookies for more information.

Are we sharing your information as a visitor with third parties?

We publish submitted reviews about a store in connection with that store. Before the review is published, it is scrutinized and reviews that are considered as untruthful or incorrect may get rejected.

Where do we store your information as a visitor?

We might forward your information that you as a visitor left behind according to the following parties: - To selected and confidential parties that may use the information to provide you with useful and interesting content selected for you. – To cooperation partners and other organisations working for us to be able to meet your demands and requests. – To the police, regulatory authorities or legal advisors on the occasion of crime suspicion or if we are injunctive to forward information according to the law. – To another Search Engine Marketing Sweden AB Group company. And – If we would sell or buy a company or a business, to the possible buyers or sellers of such a company or business.


We store the information on servers in Sweden. Some information may be transferred to servers in other European countries.

Access to the information

A cookie is a text file collecting information and a web server may ask permission to store them on the visitor’s computer. Cookies may contain information, both in plain text and encrypted, mainly about the visitor’s behavior on the website. The intent of this information is above all to improve the website by using the visitors’ behavior patterns to optimize functions and rapidness to create a better and more efficient website and service. You can refuse the use of cookies if you do not want the website to store information. You enable and disable cookies via your browser’s settings. Some functions and services on the websites may not function when cookies are disabled.

Changes to secrecy and policy

You have the right to get access to your stored information. If you have submitted a review, please state the same information as at that time when contacting us. If you want a copy of the information, you may contact us at: Search Engine Marketing Sweden AB, Skolvägen 8, 192 70 Sollentuna, Sweden. We may charge a minor administrative fee to cover emerged charges. All future changes to secrecy and policy will be published on this site. Secrecy and policy was updated 11 April 2012.

Do you want to know more?

You can write an e-mail to us if you have questions or comments regarding our secrecy and policy. In such a case, contact us at .