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Information regarding these user conditions

These terms or user conditions on this site (website) are made available for you. By visiting the website you accept being bound to these user conditions, available here. Please read the conditions carefully and print the conditions to save a copy if needed. If you do not accept the conditions, you must immediately leave the website. The term ”you” is referring to the website’s visitor and ”we” or ”us” are referring to the company owning the site: Search Engine Marketing Sweden AB, Skolvägen 8, 192 70 Sollentuna, Sweden. The term ”website” is referring to and its subpages.

Search Engine Marketing Sweden AB is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company’s address is: Skolvägen 8, 192 70 Sollentuna, Sweden.

Changing the conditions

We reserve the right to change the user conditions at any time to ensure continous improvement of the service and site, resulting in possible changes to the user conditions. The changes apply as from when they are published and you are considered to have approved the changes by visiting the web site.

Description of the service

The purpose of the web site is to provide the visitor with search results collected from other web sites, web stores and online services of different origins. The results are mainly products available for online shopping through various web stores. The products and offers listed on our website are not sold through us, they are only linked to other webstores and services where the products should be available for purchase. We take no responsibility if the products or results are not available for purchase on the linked sites. The website’s purpose is therefore to gather results and enable the visitor to find products and results from various sources: web stores, online services and so on. Data will be updated in intervals from the various sources and we are hence unable to take responsibility to ensure that the results’ information is updated. We do not engage in selling, resale or licensing of listed products and result and we do not therefore take responsibility for listed results and products. You approve to contacting the third part directly, that is the store selling the products or the online service delivering the results, when having questions regarding products and results. All feedback considered complaints, opinions and disputes regarding the products and results are aimed directly at the third party that the website is linking to.

Secrecy and Policy

Please read and understand our secrecy and policy. Here you will find important information regarding your personal data and how your data as a visitor is processed.

Users that are children

This website is not adapted to visitors under 18 years old. By visiting the site and therefor accepting the terms, you vouch for being at least 18 years old. You do not have any right to visit the website if you are under 18 years old and therefore must immediately leave the website.


Reviews about the stores or online services that deliver the products and results are available on the website. The reviews are primarily submitted by a third party, but you as a visitor has the possibility to submit your own review. We do not take any responsibility for the published reviews and we own the rights (but are not obligated), according to our discretion, to refuse, move or remove material, such as reviews available on the website that are breaking the terms and conditions or are considered as inappropriate according to us.

Access to the website

We aim to always ensure a secure running of the website and that all information always should be available. We cannot however guarantee full access to the website at all times. Situations as system errors, maintenance, service and circumstances beyond our control may cause an interruption of the access without a prior warning to the visitor.


We and third parties are linking to other websites at various places on the website. We do not control these sites and therefor you accept that we are not responsible for the content on these sites. You also accept that we do not take part in the transaction or the deals you make with third parties and you accept to not involve us in any potential disputes between you and a third party.

Copyright and licenses

The content of this website belongs to Search Engine Marketing Sweden AB, Skolvägen 8, 192 70 Sollentuna, Sweden and is protected by the law of copyright. The information, text and pictures must not be copied, changed or stored in any way without a written permission by Search Engine Marketing Sweden AB. It is against the law to change the content on this website. Crime against these regulations will be prosecuted. If you consider your immaterial rights are being violated, please contact us by email: .

General information

This condition and other referred to conditions are the complete agreement between you and us, regarding your usage of the website. Swedish law is practiced in case of a dispute between us, you as the visitor and Search Engine Marketing Sweden AB, regarding these general terms. In the case these terms would be condemned invalid by a authorized court, both prties agree upon that the court shall aim to consider the mutual intention presented in these terms.